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Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

The sourdough starter turned out very badly and had to die.  Whatever yeast it had to begin with were eaten by a smelly bacteria that took over one I put the jars into the fridge.  My regular yeast wheat bread continues to improve.  I”ll post pictures of my recent, pretty loaves later.

This post is about Seymour, my current personal project; that’s Seymour as in, “Feed me!”.  It’s a webapp I began writing back in February – the day after I made the NYC Stories post in fact.  The idea is it’ll keep track of your favorite restaurants and and suggest a place to eat when you can’t decide.  It will attempt to rotate your picks so you don’t repeat too often.  Sometimes it’ll throw in random new places that other users have set up and that seem to mesh with your faves.  I got the idea when my lunch crew’s food oracle refused to choose for us any longer.  That started a pre-face-stuffing conversation thread for the next couple of days from which I captured the basic requirements.

Oddly, after Maggie posted her request for a random resturaunt picker on her LJ, my foil Bigtimes generated almost exactly the same set of requirements as I did for Seymour.  Maybe now that I know of another group of potential users I’ll feel inspired by profit motives to write the database chunk of the app.