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Fresh Bread

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

These two are fresh from the oven. The smell in my apartment is intoxicating. (more…)

Jukebox The Ghost at DC’s Rock and Roll Hotel

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

While the openers were just okay – with the possible exception of The Modern Skirts, I missed their set – Jukebox left the stage a smoldering heap of rocked out cinders.  Their jazz chops were at full strength last night when The Ghost played the main stage at Rock and Roll hotel in Washington, DC.  Opening with Good Day, an upbeat pop number – which, as usual, got everyone singing along – they kept the beat up with Ariel, the best song that didn’t make the album.  After getting the crowd fired up, Ben led into Victoria marking the nights first song about bursting into flames.  After the apocalyptic space opera trilogy,  Ben introduced a track from the upcoming Guilty Pleasures album (a joint effort with our area’s indy bands) covering Ace of Base’s Beautiful Life.  Sorry, AoB, Jukebox does it better.  Tommy performed his split second acoustic/electric conversion during the banding of My Heart’s the Same and Lighting Myself on Fire in the second half.   The song I don’t know and Hold it In both appeared in the encore.

Notably missing was Static to the Heart, one of the songs that usually gets the audience hopping.  Tommy sang Miss Templeton’s 7000th Dream in the first half, but instead of leading into Static, he and Ben played a long jazz outro.  I’ll tell you, the jazz work is always impressive, but I missed watching them riff on Static.

You can hear these amazing guys – including their drummer, Jesse – on their website and around the country live as they tour with The Modern Skirts.

Where’s My Snow?

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

How come Mississippi and Tennessee got snow, but I didn’t?  That’s not fair.  Stupid lake effect.

I met a nifty woman on OkCupid. Finally.  I’ve had an active profile on that site since 1998 when it launched.  I search it weekly.  In ten years, I have now met one woman I really want to meet.  Granted, I met a half dozen wonderful women out in the real world in that same time frame.  I’m just blessed all around, I guess.

I can’t tell what the cats smell like because my apartment smells like baking bread.