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I’m sad and I’m gonna blog about it

Monday, February 18th, 2008

I got stood up on a blind date tonight.  It was arranged through an OkCupid spin-off called  It’s kind of a neat idea, and I’ll do it again.  That’s the second bunko date they’ve arranged, though, so I’ll be out of patience soon.

I baked a third loaf of bread today.  It was too big for the loaf pan, but it mostly grew straight up because of the way I slashed it.  Came out looking like a lopsided mushroom cloud.  You know I liked it.

Shelly smells like maple syrup again.

Ciaran smells like recess.

NYC Stories

Friday, February 15th, 2008

Got to Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon.  I have, at last, seen the Statue of Liberty.  I came to see it – and other stuff – before, but only on very rainy/foggy days.  I had seen the dark patch of fog where it should be, but now I have seen the massive, copper bulk of the thing.  Hooray.

I went on a walking tour of downtown Manhattan, from South Ferry to Central Park and halfway back.  That was all mostly by accident, but I enjoyed myself.  I stopped in at a Korean Barbeque on 32nd Street; it was excellent.  I think it was called Chung Moo Ro.  Ah, yes.  Google found it at 10 W 32nd Street, just south of the Empire State Building.

I also dropped in at Gstaad and met Ande, Chloe’s sister.  She is a supermodel, as I expected.  I’m going to head that way again tonight if any of you cool cats want to hop a jet and meet me there.

Of course I did work this week, but that’s some boring stuff and now it’s time to forget about it.


Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Spore will be released Sep. 7th, 2008! Will be available on PC, Mac, DS, Wii, and mobile phone according to Wikipedia. I don’t know how the mobile phone version will work, and I don’t care. What I’d really like is a 360 version, just so I can play it in HD. Maybe the Wii will get a system update to make my dreams come true in the meantime.

I want an IM bot

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

that will slowly send a message to the entire world.  “You should read today’s Dinosaur Comic at

For now, I’ll settle for this blog post.  Thanks, Google!

For Lindsey

Saturday, February 2nd, 2008

I’ve had the feeling all day that I need to break wind, but that if I do it’s certain to be a sneak attack.  Nevertheless, I have three dry farts in the wind, now, and my boxers are clean.  I’m tempting fate: Quasi Fearless Jo.

LJ Prune

Friday, February 1st, 2008

I pruned my LJ friends list just now.  I don’t intend to hurt anyone’s feelings, but damn y’all post too much.  JKOS.   I post everything wide open, so if you want to keep me as a friend that’s cool.  If you really really want me to keep reading your journal just reply to this post and I’ll add you back.