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Sunday, August 19th, 2007

My apartment building caught fire last night. It was a few units away and a floor down. It didn’t spread very far and my home is fine. Everyone got out safely. Most of us got back in again. I don’t officially know what started it, but from watching the fire inspector take pictures I’m guessing it was electrical. The wiring here is pretty good, so I’ll further guess that it was a sparking surge protector or maybe a halogen lamp. I’ll know more when the managers send out a memo next week.

The fire department is under a mile away.  They were here in a little under five minutes. By that time the unit where it started was fully involved, but the firewalls held and that was the only one to get scorched, I think. There was smoke in the unit above and in the ones on either side, but they didn’t spray any water in those. I would have expected fire to punch through the ceiling/floor of the unit above, but it doesn’t seem that it did. Not sure where that smoke came from. Again, waiting on the memo.

To repeat, I’m fine. The cats are fine. But fire, woohoo!

Las Vegas

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

I posted my pictures from BlackHat 2007. I was sick for most of the trip, so the pictures are mostly of my room in Caesar’s. I think you’ll understand why I didn’t mind being ill.