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Die Hard in Denver

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Back from another week of training in Denver, CO. That’s all the traveling I’ll do for a while.

Saw Live Free or Die Hard out there. It’s a good action flick, although they overplayed the computer hacker exposition. A note for screenplay writers: skip the expository tech speak. If the point is to make people feel incapable of understanding the technology involved, just have the hacker say they are performing deep magic. If a hacker is plugging an iPod into his PDA in order to access a satelite communications network simply have him say, “I think I can mod this stuff to make a sat-phone.” Everyone will be impressed and you won’t have said, “Oh yeah, hackers have been playing around in satcom for years.” No, we haven’t; we all know this and now we’re insulted that the Apple Guy has been. 4 of 5 pips.

Watched a bunch of flicks from Netflix last week. Beginning with Bandidas, staring Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz. A comedy about lady bank robbers, the best part of this movie is Cruz’s trained horse. (Also, no computers.) I was advised to watch it on account of the trained horse, so I was pleased. 3 of 5.

The Maltese Falcon, Bogart. Twisted, suspenseful, breathtaking. The pinacle of Film Noir. Just go watch it. 5 of 5.

Eraserhead by David Lynch. I haven’t decided what this film is about, yet. I’m leaning toward Lynch’s fear of having kids. I should explain. Henry knocked up his girlfriend. When the maybe baby is born they are forced to wed. The E.T. baby never stops crying, especially when Henry’s new wife leaves him and he knocks up the lady next door. All the while, aborted fetuses pile up in the corners of the room. Amazing sound engineering. The story, though… I have no clue. I did like it, though. 4 of 5 pips.

After being gone for a week, my cats smell the same but they think I smell funny. I have cold nose spots all over me.

Last week

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

I spent a week in Seattle getting trained in useful things. Spent my evenings exploring. Went up the Space Needle for the first time. Ate excellent foods. Didn’t get to play in the Pier 59 Aquarium because they close early on weekdays.

On the way home I got on the volunteer list for bumpage in the event of an over-booked flight. I did get bumped and thereby upgraded to “Economy Plus” – which is the seat at the front bulkhead or exit row – and a voucher for a round-trip flight anywhere in the contiguous 48. So I get to visit somebody soonish, yay. The best part was that my itenerary took me through Chicago O’Hare where no flight is ever on time and half are canceled. As a result of being bumped, I was moved to a connecting flight from O’Hare – one of three such flights that weren’t canceled. So I wasn’t stranded and thousands of people were. Hahaha. I only laugh because it wasn’t me this time. I’ve spent enough nights on an airport floor to feel mirth at their pain. Especially since I got home and got perks. So great.

Upon arriving home I learned that I would be evicted on Monday. This is the last month in my current lease. When I asked if this month’s rent was prorated until the 23rd, the Resident Services rep said yes and told me how much. I thought it seemed low, but she confirmed the number three times so I finally wrote it down and went to Seattle. Seems she was mistaken. I got it all cleared up yesterday, but I still have to get to the accounting office tomorrow before they bring the Sheriff around. Fun fun fun! I’m signed on for another year with these folks, but I think it’ll be the last. Time to look for landlords who will call me when there’s a problem.

Update complete.

The cats smell the same as they did last time I mentioned them. I wonder what they were rolling in to change their scents.